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Welcome to the Santa Clarita Valley Musicteers!

Are you tired of always performing for just parents, teachers, and judges? Do you want an opportunity to share your musical talent/love for music with the community? Would you like to earn community service hours for playing music? Have you ever seen a musician playing in public and gotten inspired to play in public as well?

You've come to the right place.

WHO: Talented musicians in Southern California (mostly based in Santa Clarita Valley) who are interested in serving the community through music
            ~Requirements to become a member:
                        - CM level 5 or higher, Teacher Recommendation, or winner of music competition(s)
                        - Fill out the information form under "Forms" (see above)

WHAT: Musicteers is an organization that gives musicians a chance to use their musical talent to perform at different places in the community. Our goal is to reach people in the entire community and touch their hearts using our music. You may have the opportunity
to teach music to children at the Community Center in Newhall as well.

WHEN: Typically Saturdays or Sundays (See "Calendar/Venues" above)

WHERE: Anywhere and everywhere! (Senior homes, Valencia Town Center, museums, etc - See "What We've Done" above)

WHY: Because you love music, of course! Also, this is a good way to earn volunteer hours for school clubs, activities, or events that require service hours. Each performance will earn you at least 4 hours (we give 1 hour for the performance, and 3 hours for practice time).
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